Extreme Makeover: Commodore 64C Edition

Commodore 64C with a dirty case, missing keys, and a missing label.
This Commodore 64C has seen better days.
Commodore 64C passing most diagnostic tests. 4066@U28, 6526 U2, Keyboard, Control Port, and Serial Port were all marked bad due to lack of a keyboard cable hooked to the diagnostic harness.
But the Commodore 64C passes diagnostics (I didn’t have one of the connectors in place so some tests are marked BAD).
Mechboard 64 keyboard mounted in 64C case with motherboard
The Mechboard 64 fits nicely in the stock Commodore 64C case, using keys from a non-working 64C.
Commodore 64C case from the Kickstarter campaign with Mechboard 64 mounted inside. Case is signed by Dave Haynie, Bil Herd, and Jeff Porter from Commodore.
But it’s even better in a Kickstarter case signed by Jeff Porter, Dave Haynie, Bil Herd, and Hedley Davis (on the rear).