Restoring the Apple //c monitor

A couple years back, I picked up an Apple //c with the 9″ green-screen CRT made for it, a power supply, and the somewhat elusive Apple //c mouse. The package was a good deal at $150, but there was one catch. The monitor obviously took a tumble once, and the plastic bezel was cracked and broken. When I lifted the monitor, the front fell completely off, exposing the CRT tube. It appeared that someone tried fixing it with Elmer’s glue, which beaded up along the seams and clashed terribly with the yellowing plastic.

I decided to tackle a restoration of this monitor in October, 2017. After all, the display was still crisp and bright, and its monochrome green image was so deliciously retro.

The monitor came apart easily, in no small part due to the aforementioned damage. When I took stock of the situation, I found three of the four screw posts in the bezel were broken clear off, in addition to the cracks. I applied generous amounts of epoxy putty to rebuild the bezel and seal up the breaks. After the epoxy cured, I sanded it with increasingly fine sheets of sand paper until the outside of the bezel was smooth.

A couple coats of Montana Gold Plastic Primer applied over a weekend and more light sanding evened out the surfaces of the bezel. Six coats of Montana Gold Shock White acrylic paint left the bezel as close to its original Snow White color as possible.

I reassembled the monitor and it continues to delight as part of my home office’s Retro Nook. I’ve since outfitted the Apple //c with a FloppyEmu SD card adapter and a WiModem wifi modem for green screen BBSing action, Oregon Trail, and hours of Infocom gaming.